If you’re looking for ways to increase your startup organization’s profitability, your administrative and customer care support team is a good place to start. A highly trained service team projects a positive corporate image and helps attract and retain customers through brand loyalty. Bad customer service has 96 percent of customers taking their business to a competitor. Job candidates that can demonstrate clear communication skills, patience, and empathy are more likely to command the attention of hiring managers.

Founded to assist startups and emerging businesses to succeed, Viaduct is well-equipped to source and recruit administrative and customer support candidates. Our team of recruitment professionals is committed to implementing innovative people strategies that deliver results and empower the workforce. Through our suite of contingent and direct hire placement services, we help our clients discover premier talent nationwide.

Is your organization prepared to win the race for top talent?

The candidate-driven market is here to stay. Startups need to evaluate their traditional recruiting processes and implement candidate-first practices. Looking ahead to the future, is your organization armed with a well-designed talent approach to recruit and retain in-demand candidates?

By leveraging our 2023 Administrative and Customer Support Salary Guide, your organization will be well-positioned to attract these qualified professionals with competitive salary rates at your disposal.


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  • Customer Care & Administrative Support Salary Guide

All compensation figures within our enclosed salary guide were generated via Lightcast, a premier labor market data and analytics provider. Lightcast’s sophisticated software is underpinned by an array of verified public and government sources. The tool drives in-depth industry analysis by delivering accurate summaries of the labor and compensation market.

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